Pro Heating Advice: Protect Pipes From Deep Freezes

Ofrozen-pipe-burst-windham-ct-plumber-heating-emergency-repairld Man Winter sure showed his face this weekend in Windham CT! Sudden drops in temperature
combined with strong winds are NOT good for your home’s heating pipes. Your local CT heating pro has some tips to prevent burst pipes this winter. These tips will be helpful if you have a water-based [aka hydronic] heating system. If you have a hydronic system, you have a boiler, not a furnace. This is important to know, if you need to call for service!

Protect your heating pipes from freezing winds

First, locate your home’s heating pipes. Next, look around them for any drafty spots. Windows are common areas where gusty winds can enter your home. Don’t forget to check areas in your basement as well. Cracks in the foundation, loose window panes and bulkhead areas are also places where air can enter and freezer your pipes. Make sure to seal up those areas. Those foam pipe sleeves won’t withstand below freezing winds gusting on your heating pipes.

Prevent frozen pipes during a deep freeze

When WFSB predicts a sudden deep freeze, there are a couple things your can to do prevent a frozen pipe. Keep the doors open to any rooms that have heating baseboards or radiators. Some families choose to keep certain rooms closed and the heat off when not in use. We do not recommend doing that during a deep freeze. Keeping the doors open, and the heat on, allows warm air to circulate around the pipes. Keeping the heating zone on will allow water to continue circulating and prevent a frozen pipe.

It’s also tempting to turn down the heat while away at work or school, to save on heating costs. During a deep freeze, this can backfire. While you may save a few dollars on fuel costs, you could wind up with a burst heating pipe…and a MUCH larger plumbing repair bill. We recommend setting your thermostat to a minimum of  68°F. This temp will allow you to conserve energy AND help prevent a costly plumbing repair.

Local burst pipe repair

Rapid Service LLChair-dryer-frozen-pipe-tip-heating-plumber-windham-ct offers emergency frozen pipe and burst pipe repair in Windham CT and the surrounding Eastern CT towns. The most important tip we can provide is to NEVER use an open flame, such as a blowtorch, to thaw a frozen pipe. Instead, use a hair dryer to try to thaw it. If that doesn’t work, or the pipe bursts in the meantime, give our office a call: 860-228-1036. A local, professional heating technician will be dispatched to your home with a fully stocked truck to get your heat restored quickly.