Mansfield CT Pro Plumber Tip: Toilet Cleaners

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

mansfield-ct-plumber-advice-toilet-cleaning-emergency-plumbing-serviceToilet cleaner advice

Cleaning the toilet isn’t a chore most people enjoy. However, it must be done. We see a lot of ‘tricks’ that people use, but not all of them are good ideas. One thing we hate to see in the tank is a blue cleaning tablet. While those tabs may make the task easier, they do a lot of damage. The chemicals are harsh and eat away at the parts inside your toilet. They cost a few bucks and promise a simple way out of the chore. What you don’t see on the packaging is the price tag to call a plumber when something breaks due to corrosion!

A simple cleaner and brush is your best bet. It takes about a minute to do, once a week to keep everything fresh and sparkly.

Side effect of certain medications

Sometimes medications can bring some unwanted side effect and mess up our digestive system. That can make cleaning the toilet even more of a chore. Consider a plumbing upgrade with a flush-assist option and SanaGloss finish. TOTO USA has several options. Their SanaGloss glaze prevents debris from sticking to ceramic surfaces. This means less work for you AND less chemicals into our environment! Watch their video to learn how this finish can make your life a little easier:

Your local Mansfield CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC is your local Mansfield CT toilet specialist. Our professional plumbers clear clogged toilets and replace cracked ones. Training is a requirement of the trade to renew their licenses. Education is a requirement of our business to make sure our customers are well taken care of! We don’t just slap the same piece of equipment in every house. A Rapid Service plumber takes the time to learn about your family and everyone’s needs, so that your investment is well spent. When you call for a plumbing emergency, he works quickly to repair broken toilet parts. Not having a working toilet is a major inconvenience – give us a call to get it taken care of today: 860-228-1036.