Pro Plumber Advice: Avoid Summer Plumbing Problems

We made it Connecticut! After a Spring that took its sweet time arriving, we’re finally in the Summer season! Schools are letting out, vacations are around the corner and backyard parties are being planned. Summer is a season to kick back and slow down a little bit. Keep your summer nice and breezy by preparing your home’s plumbing system. Nothing’s worse than having to cancel the first beach trip of the season because you have to stay home to meet the plumber. Isn’t that Murphy’s Law?! Here’s some tips to avoid summer plumbing problems from your local CT plumber.

Running toilet

Summer break means that your toilet gets more use. Your family will be home more and you’ll have guests visiting. With this extra use, the “flapper” inside the toilet tank can begin to fail. Minerals in the water can wear down the material and it won’t make a tight seal. This will cause the toilet to run. Replacing the flapper can solve the problem.

Additional pro plumber tip: We also suggest that you remove any decorations from the back of your toilet. A guest unfamiliar with your home may accidentally knock something into the toilet and cause a clog.

Bathroom mold

ct-bathroom-mold-ventilation-fan-plumber-electrician-tipSummer’s warm temperatures also bring higher humidity. While our skin loves the moisture that the long CT winters suck out of it, our homes do not. Bathrooms are usually the first place that mold develops because of showers and baths. To prevent mold in your bathroom, turn on the vent fan each bathing session for at least a half hour after.

Additional pro plumber tip: There are timer systems for ventilation fans that can make remembering easier. You can contact a local CT electrician to have one installed.

Clogged garbage disposal

Spicy BBQ chicken, buttery corn-on-the-cob, juicy watermelon slices…are you hungry yet?! Dining al fresco is another anticipated perk of our beautiful CT summers. Youct-pro-plumber-tip-ice-cube-garbage-disposal can use paper plates to make clean-up easy. However, do NOT throw any of those bones, cobs or rinds into your garbage disposal! Not only could they clog your garbage disposal but they could cause the motor to burn out. That means less $$ toward that next steak and more $$$ toward a plumbing problem that can be easily avoided.

Additional pro plumber tip: To keep your disposal blades sharp, run ice cubes down it periodically. You can even freeze vinegar into cubes and use those to kill odor-causing bacteria.

Your local CT pro plumber

We are available to prepare your home’s plumbing for the summer. Schedule a service call with a plumber technician that can address any issues before you have a home full of guests or a long vacation planned.

We know that even despite our best intentions and preparations, plumbing problems still happen. You can call us for 24/7 emergency plumbing problems. We don’t have answering machines and your call will be returned promptly. Please call our Columbia CT office: 860-228-1036. Happy Summer!!