Pro Plumber Advice: Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Disasters

First, we’d like to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal Columbia CT customers. On Thanksgiving, and every day, we are thankful that you choose our company with your plumbing repairs and installations. Our wish is for you to enjoy as much of a stress-free holiday as possible. Our pro plumber team has some tips to avoid any plumbing disasters that might happen during the big feast.

Disaster #1 – Jammed disposal

Turnip peels, turkey giblets, and potato skins are the unsavory bits left after the long day of cooking. Full of turkey and pie, the last thing most people want to do is clean up. It might be tempting to swipe all the bits into the sink and blast the garbage disposal. We urge to you step away from the disposal! While garbage disposals are a pretty strong piece of a equipment, they are NO match for rinds, peels or fibrous food scraps. Your disposal could burn out or clog. Drag your garbage can over to the counter and swipe everything into it. Much easier and NO bill from the plumber to overshadow a great Thanksgiving!

Disaster #2 – Clogged toilets

When you have a house full of guests PLUS big meals, it means more trips to the bathroom. To make your guests feel special, we suggest putting out special hand towels and a craft soap. A specialty lotion is a nice touch for the frequent hand washing. Our pro plumber tip: do NOT offer “flushable” wipes. Although the packaging states they are ‘flushable,’ they simply are not. They don’t break down and can clog your plumbing system and/or your septic system. Avoid a clogged toilet, and an embarrassing plumbing disaster, by providing toilet paper only.

Disaster #3 – Backed up sink

Another way to make your Thanksgiving guests feel welcome is to make sure they can find everything easily in the bathroom. Be sure there is plenty of toilet paper and hand towels available. Your local plumber suggests keeping the back of the toilet and areas around the counters clear. Decorations can be accidentally knocked into a drain by a guest unfamiliar with your home. This can create a backed up sink. It’s embarrassing for your guest and it can become an expensive plumbing disaster to fix. We suggest keeping extra toilet paper in a wicker basket. Also, keep a small wastebasket near the toilet for easy feminine product disposal.

Your local Columbia CT plumber

We know that there’s a million things to think about and do when planning a Thanksgiving dinner. Life happens. Rapid Service LLC can get your home’s plumbing back up and running, with minimal disruption to your festivities. Whether it’s a jammed disposal, clogged toilet, or backed up drain, “one call does it all.” Your local Columbia CT emergency plumber can be reached 24/7 by calling 860-228-1036. When you call this number, you won’t reach a voicemail or be left hanging. Your call will be answered promptly and a solution provided before you hang up. Now, that’s something to be grateful for! 🙂