Pro Plumber Advice: Well Pump Upgrade

Your local Willimantic CT plumber knows that many of the older homes in the area have a jet pump well system. This type of system is outdated and inefficient. A well pump upgrade is something to consider.

Jet pump vs. submersible well pump

A jet pump is found in a basement or crawlspace of a home. It can also be found in a pump house on the property. Jet pumps are used in shallow wells. If water is within 25 feet of the ground’s surface, it’s considered a “shallow well.” There are two types of jet pumps: single-pipe and two-pipe. Both types suck the water out of the well to the pump, so water can be delivered to your home. The water pressure is usually low and the pump can be loud.

A submersible well pump isn’t visible. It’s located inside a drilled or hand-dug well on the property of a home. These wells range from 60-400 feet deep. This means that the water source is lower than the home. A submersible well pump uses its existing pressure to force water out of the surface to provide water for your home. It is self-primed which saves you time.

Well pump upgrade


This well was located below grade – we had to raise it.

Summer is a great time to upgrade your well system. Willimantic CT winters are brutal on plumbing systems. Winter is also a tough time for anyone to provide fast service. Snow and icy conditions make it impossible to put a plumber in a truck and on the road. If the ground is frozen, it’s a challenge to unearth any well casings that may be below grade. Winter is also a time of year when budgets are tight because of the holidays. Being without water is stressful enough. The unexpected costs and possible delayed replacement time on top of it becomes a nightmare.

Your Willimantic CT well pump upgrade specialist

Rapid Service LLC has been upgrading well pump systems since 1987. Proactive and preventative maintenance is the BEST way to protect your home’s plumbing system. Our plumbing staff is experienced and arrives at your home with a fully stocked truck. We have the necessary equipment to pull up heavy well pumps.

We are a Goulds Pumps Water Technology Professional GDPA Member. Your plumber will talk to you about your family’s water use, and perform diagnostic testing to provide you with the well pump upgrade options that will work best for YOU. Don’t wait until your old pump burns out. Call 860-228-1036 today to schedule a service visit. If your well pump dies before your appointment, don’t worry! We’re a Willimantic CT 24/7 emergency plumber!