Pro Plumber Tip: Leak in the basement

We receive a lot of panicked calls about water in the basement. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if it’s coming from the water heater, boiler, or a drain. Water damage remediation is one of the most expensive repairs, so your local Windham CT plumber works quickly to protect your home. He will troubleshoot where the leak is coming from, provide options, and complete the plumbing repair. We’ll discuss the most common cause of basement leaks, and one not-so-obvious cause.


Leak cause #1: Water heater

A leak near your water heater could mean a simple valve repair or a total replacement. If water is leaking from the seams or the top, call a local plumber ASAP. That’s a sign that the metal has weakened and could BURST at any time. Your basement will flood, and could continue to fill with water if you aren’t home to turn the water off. Your Windham CT plumber will bring a water heater to your home and do the replacement quickly to avoid a flood.

Leak cause #2: Water line

A spray of water or a slight stream is also called a “pinhole” leak. It happens when the copper has worn down over time and water finds a weak spot to get through. Usually the weak spot can be cut out and replaced with a new section of piping. Don’t have copper pipes? The leak may be coming from a connection in the plastic piping. This is also a relatively minor repair.


Leak cause #3: Clogged drain

Do you see water near your washing machine? Have someone go upstairs and flush a toilet or run the sink, while you watch the back of the washer. If you see water coming UP out of the drain pipe, that’s a sign of a main drain clog. Call your local Windham CT plumber for drain cleaning service. He’ll have a variety of equipment to get things flowing again and keep sewage OUT of your basement.

Leak cause #4: Ground water

Sometimes, we’ll get a call from a customer who thinks the boiler is leaking. These calls usually come right after a big rainstorm or when we’ve had a few days of steady rain. The issue turns out NOT to be the boiler, but from ground water that found a spot in the foundation to sneak through and settle in the lowest part of the basement. Even if you don’t normally get water in your basement after rain, a heavy storm can make it happen.


Your local Windham CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC offers leak detection for Windham CT homeowners, as well as for the surrounding towns. In addition to emergency plumbing repairs, we offer preventative plumbing services. Such services include drain cleaning, re-piping, water heater maintenance, boiler safety checks, and water filtration service. Your local professional licensed plumber offers plumbing installations including toilet, kitchen and bath faucet, shower and tub valve, well pump, and well tank. Please call 860-228-1036 to schedule your next plumbing repair.