Quick Plumbing Tip: Pumpkins & Clogged Drains

Time to carve up those pumpkins to delight all the trick or treaters! Wait…what does that have to do with clogged drains?

I’ll tell you. And if you don’t heed my advice, you’ll wind up dealing with something way scarier than any goblin on your doorstep!

Avoid terrifying clogged drains

pumpkin-guts-clogged-toilet-drainsIt can be tempting to dump all the pumpkin guts into a toilet and whisk them away with a simple flush. You may think that the disposal can handle it. Some toilets and garbage disposals are pretty tough. However, neither are designed to handle such heavy foodwaste.

Flushing pumpkin guts can cause a clog or back up in your home’s entire plumbing system. The fibrous guts and hard seeds can burn out a garbage disposal.

I strongly recommend throwing any carving waste into the garbage. Better yet, use them in your compost or donate them to a local farmer! Let’s stick to the TREATS and avoid the TRICKS this Halloween!


PS – Here’s a helpful plumbing trick for you: Use BioClean each month to prevent clogged drains and keep things running smoothly all year-round.