Quick Tip: Ceiling Water Leaks

I have ceiling leaks!

Whew – what a ride we’ve been on the last couple weeks! From days of below freezing temps, and snow storms to a crazy Spring-like thaw. Your local Hebron CT plumber has been busy repairing burst pipes and frozen water lines. Now that we’re on the warm weather side, we’re getting a lot of calls for water leaks in the ceiling. We’ll explain how to tell if you need to call a plumber or a roofer.

Call a plumber if…

  • You had no water during the deep freeze. The pipes probably froze. If you’re seeing water spots on the ceiling, one may have burst.
  • You had no heat during the deep freeze. A heat line may have froze up. A baseboard or radiator could have split and now water is leaking into the ceiling.
  • Your shower isn’t working. Sometimes, only one pipe will freeze up, especially if the plumbing is on an outside wall of your home. If the valve splits, you may see water in your bedroom or kitchen ceiling below.

Call a roofer if…

  • You see a water leak in the ceiling of your upstairs rooms, where plumbing doesn’t exist. These water leaks are almost always caused by an ice dam.
  • You had no issues with your heat or water during the deep freeze. If you’re seeing water leaks in your ceilings, melting snow and ice could be entering through weak spots of your roof.

Your local Hebron CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides preventative and emergency plumbing services to Hebron and its surrounding towns. Our professional plumber technicians work quickly to repair leaks and can offer advice on how to prevent them in the future.

In addition to leak detection and repair, we fix running toilets, leaking water heaters, burned out well pumps, drippy faucets, and bad well tanks. Our office staff is happy to help turn a stressful situation around – give us a call: 860-228-1036 🙂