Quick Tip: Fix Banging Pipes

What causes banging pipes

When the flow of water is suddenly shut off by a faucet, washing machine, toilet, or dishwasher, it creates a banging noise in your pipes. It’s also known as “water hammer.”

Water hammer is damaging to your plumbing. It can cause leaks and cause damage to your water heater, washing machine and other water appliances.

fix-banging-pipes-columbia-ct-plumbing-tip-professional-plumberHow to fix banging pipes

Find your main water valve and turn it off. Turn on all your faucets to drain the lines. Let them run until the water stops.

Once the water stops, shut off all the faucets. Turn the water back on at your main water valve.

This puts air back into the plumbing lines and may solve the banging pipes problem!

If you want to learn more about “water hammer” check out our YouTube video.

Your local CT plumber

If you still hear banging in your pipes, it’s time to call a local professional plumber. You can schedule a licensed plumber by calling us at 860-228-1036.

Rapid Service LLC has been providing complete plumbing repair service to Eastern CT since 1987. From fixing banging pipes to installing water heaters, we cover it all. We will meet with you to determine the scope of the work, discuss your options and how we can assist you, then give you a written price for the agreed work. Many jobs can be completed immediately, as with emergency repairs.