Quick Tip: How To Choose a Kitchen Sink

How to choose a kitchen sink

Choosing a kitchen sink can be overwhelming. There are many different shapes, sizes, colors, materials and uses to pick from. To help you choose the right sink for your kitchen’s design AND your needs, sit down with a pen and paper. Write down all the things you do in your kitchen. Your list may include cooking Sunday dinners, entertaining guests, and/or weekly meal prep. What makes this tasks irritable? What would make them easier or more enjoyable? Your list should also include the colors of your kitchen and appliances. What ‘style’ do you identify with – contemporary, modern, traditional?

Now that you’re more prepared, take a trip to a local Coventry CT plumbing showroom. Touch the different materials and get a better sense of sizes. Seeing a sink or faucet in person is better than in a catalog or on a website. Colors and textures can greatly vary. Take some time to sleep on it. The kitchen sink is usually a focal point of the kitchen, so be comfortable with your choice.

This is a sink that we installed for one of our Coventry CT customers. She wanted to update the scratched up stainless steel sink that she had with a cleaner look. She didn’t want to lose the use of a double-bay option. We found a cast-iron beauty that she fell in love with:


Your local Coventry CT plumber

If you’re still a little bit overwhelmed, or would like a professional to help you choose just the right sink for your kitchen, Rapid Service can help. One of our plumbing technicians will take the time to ask the right questions to make sure you select a sink that’s functional AND beautiful. After that conversation, our office will coordinate the installation date. To schedule an appointment, please call 860-228-1036.