Quick Tip: Sanitary Well Cap

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What is a sanitary well cap?

A well cap is found on top of the pipe (“casing”) sticking out of the ground for your well. Not all well caps are considered “sanitary.” A sanitary well cap is also known as a vermin proof cap. You can tell the difference between the caps by looking for bolts and a rubber seal. These pieces are what keep bugs and rodents out of your Columbia CT well. This is an example of what one looks like:


Why do I need this?

Without a tight seal, bugs and rodents can get into your well. They usually get stuck and die, creating dangerous bacteria. Rodent droppings alone are extremely dangerous. That kind of bacteria can cause your family to become sick.  PennState College of Agricultural Sciences completed a study on well contamination. It found that HALF the wells were positive for coliform bacteria, which includes “a large number of different species of bacteria, some of which can cause illnesses or disease.”


Your Columbia CT local plumber

Even if your well is currently testing bacteria-free, it can become contaminated without a sanitary well cap. Check under your current standard well cap. Do you see any debris? It’s worth having it tested. Rapid Service LLC can install a sanitary well cap and disinfect your well after to keep your family safe. Please call 860-228-1036.

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