Quick Tip: Troubleshoot a Leak

A sudden spike in your water bill generally indicates there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. A toilet or a faucet is usually to blame. A faucet leak is easy to pinpoint because you will either see the drip coming out of the faucet, or find water underneath your sink. A toilet leak is a little harder to troubleshoot but we’ll share an easy trick.

How to troubleshoot a toilet leak

This is an easy trick to determine if your toilet is leaking. Put some food coloring in your toilet tank. You only need to use a few drops. If you see the color in the toilet bowl a few minutes later, you have a leak in your flapper. You can attempt to make the repair yourself, or call your local Eastern Connecticut plumbing professional.



There’s another sneaky culprit to be on the lookout for.

Hidden cause of high water bill

Your water bill may have jumped because you have a hidden water leak. Your main water line is underground. It isn’t easy to access unless you dig up the area. We do NOT recommend doing this if you suspect you have a leak in your main water line. You must contact Call Before You Dig for a project like this, to make sure you don’t hit any buried electrical or gas lines!

Instead, close your main water valve. If the water meter is still running after a few minutes, it’s a sign there’s a leak in the main line. It could also mean that you have a faulty water meter. A professional plumber can repair a leaky water main line, but your water company will need to be contacted to diagnose and replace the water meter.


Water main line break that we repaired in Manchester CT

Leak detection service available

Rapid Service LLC offers leak detection service. If you’ve tried the tricks above but still can’t pinpoint where the leak is, give us a call. Our professional video inspection service can accurately assess your plumbing and locate the underlying problems. Please call 860-228-1036 to schedule an appointment today!