How to Save Money on a Water Heater

Save on an electric water heater

There is a $400 INSTANT rebate out there right now to replace your old electric water heater. A heat pump water heater will cut your water heating costs by up to 50%. Energize Connecticut is offering the instant rebate. The heat pump water heater must be ENERGY STAR-certified and sold through participating retailers and distributors.

Who is Energize Connecticut?

Energize Connecticut, or EnergizeCT, is an initiative of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, the State and your local electric and gas utilities with funding from a charge on customer energy bills. In short, they’re “empowering you to make smart energy choices.” The heat pump water heater rebate program is just one of the many ways you can save on water heating costs.

What is a heat pump water heater?

A traditional electric water heater uses electricity to create heat to make hot water. A heat pump water heater works like a reverse icemaker. It takes the heat from around it, and transfers it into the tank to heat your water. It is twice as efficient as a traditional water heater, which means you will see a 25-50% savings in your costs.

heat-pump-water-heater-heating-dehumidifier-hybrid-dehumidificationBenefits of a heat pump water heater

Aside from the savings, there is another major benefit to these systems. Since they use the surrounding air, a slight cooling effect is provided. This results in dehumidification. They are a great addition to a damp space such as a basement. The heat pump water heaters do require at least 750 cubic feet of space so they cannot be installed in a confined space, such as a closet.

Who qualifies for the rebate?

You must be a residential customer of CL&P or UI to receive this rebate. The equipment must be ENERGY STAR rated and purchased from a participating retailer or distributor.

Who can install a heat pump water heater?

Any one of plumbing technicians can install this equipment. To schedule your installation, please call 1-800-229-8177. If this type of water heater does not meet your needs but you’d still like to lower your water heating costs, please read our blog entry HERE.