Scotland CT Plumber Advice: Toilet Shopping

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Buying a toilet isn’t as cut and dry as it used to be. Now there are different shapes, colors, heights, advanced flush options and more. It’s kind of like how there’s an ENTIRE aisle of choices for cereal in the grocery store now. While it’s wonderful to have options, it can get overwhelming. Your Scotland CT plumber has some tips to prepare you for toilet shopping.

How to choose the ‘right’ toilet


Toto USA toilet installed by a Rapid Service plumbing technician

Before you head out to your local Scotland CT plumbing store or call your plumber, here are some things to thing about. Doing a little homework will make the decision easier. Think about the following:

  • Current design. What color are your current fixtures – tub, sink, shower? That can help you narrow down your color choices.
  • Who uses it. Do you have children in your household? If so, a ‘skirted’ or ‘concealed trapway’ toilet may be a good option. It will be easier to clean and maintain, even if there are accidents.
  • Ease of use. Knees aren’t as good as they used to be? A ‘comfort-height’ model is a good choice. It’s taller which makes it easier to sit down on and get back up.
  • Technology. This is where you can get really fancy if you consider yourself a techie. A toilet with a bidet has a TON of features including a sanitary cleanse and warm drying option. A toilet with dual-flush gives you a ‘light’ or ‘full’ flush option. Touch-free flush technology minimizes the spread of germs since you just wave your hand over a sensor to flush.

Your Scotland CT plumber

Once you’ve chewed your pencil and pored over your choices, give your local Scotland CT plumber a call. He will make sure the toilet you’ve chosen is the right fit for your bathroom. He’ll check to see if the toilet you picked out will fit on the footprint of your current one. He’ll also inspect the flange to make sure there’s a secure connection so you don’t have a leak. A professional installation will protect your investment – plumbing fixtures aren’t cheap! You don’t want to spend that money, then go to sit down on it, only to have it start rocking. We recommend Kohler and Toto USA toilets. If you schedule a Rapid Service LLC plumber, we can provide and install everything WITH a warranty. We can install a toilet that you’ve purchased, but we can’t warranty that material.

Please call our office if you have ANY questions or need some help choosing a new toilet: 860-228-1036.