Septic Drain Line Backup in Storrs CT

Septic drain back up

Backed up drains are no one’s idea of a fun time. One of our Storrs CT customers called because while he was doing laundry, the drains started backing up. As if laundry wasn’t enough of a chore, now there was a plumbing headache to deal with!


One of our plumbing technicians was dispatched to the Storrs home to diagnose the cause of the backed up drains. As part of the troubleshooting process, he powersnaked the septic drain line. An obstruction was discovered in the line. There was an improper fitting on the cast iron/clay septic drain line near the tank. Due to the age and condition of the drain, the most economical repair was to replace it.

Our team dug up the old septic drain line with minimal damage to the rest of the landscaping. They replaced the entire line and fittings, from the home out to the septic tank. After the installation, the plumbing team filled in the trench and raked it out to prepare it for seeding.


Complete septic drain line replacement in Storrs CT

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