Clogged Septic System

clogged septic system line in hebron ct


A Hebron CT homeowner gave us a call because she discovered a leak in her basement. She thought the water was from a leaky pipe or perhaps from the foundation after a heavy rain. Since we offer leak detection services, she gave us a ring.

After our technician did some diagnosing, he found the leak had to do with the septic system. He had to uncover the septic tank cover to find the inlet. Once the cover was off, it was clear what was causing the leak. The system was blocked with waste and water could not get through.

Septic system process

Homes that are not connected to city sewer systems have septic systems. Most waste that enters a septic system gets broken down by an anaerobic process, then passed through a second wall for further processing. The remaining liquids are pretty clear by that point and deposited into a leach field. The soil acts as yet another filter that traps any impurities left in the water. The water is dispersed throughout the soil in the field and either evaporates or is used by vegetation. It is important to follow a maintenance schedule for your septic system to avoid septic failure and expensive repairs.

Septic system maintenance

There are things that cannot be broken down by the septic system process. The anaerobic

Septic system line repair in Hebron CT

Clogged septic line after repair in Hebron CT

process involves a bacteria that breaks down the waste. The byproducts that cannot be broken down create a sludge. This sludge will build up over time and can create a blockage. The septic tank should be pumped annually as a preventive measure. We recommend scheduling your septic tank pump service with Hop River Septic, located in Columbia CT.

Also, items such as sanitary wipes, feminine products and heavy toilet paper can clog a septic system. Please do not flush these down the toilet!  Such items should be disposed of in the garbage, not down your pipes. Even if a sanitary wipe is labeled as “flushable,” we can tell you that they aren’t! Please remind guests that you are on a septic system and be sure to leave trash receptacles in easy-to-find places.

In between your annual septic tank pump service, we recommend using BioClean as another preventive maintenance measure. Unlike drain cleaners you buy in the store, BioClean is chemical-free and safe to use in septic system. It also doesn’t ruin your home’s plumbing systems with harsh chemicals. It’s a blend of enzymes and bacteria that attacks only organic wastes like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton & sewage. This makes it safe for people, plumbing and the environment. We keep BioClean in stock and on our trucks.



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