Signs of Bad Electrical Outlet

Bad electrical outlet signs

Isn’t it funny how quickly time passes us by? One minute, you’re unpacking boxes and setting up ‘house’ in your new home. The next minute, you’re calling your local electrician because an electrical outlet is sparking. It’s only when making that phone call that you realize 20 years has passed since you unpacked that first box. Work and social obligations have kept you busy most of that 20-year span. You may have overlooked some of the signs that electrical updates are needed. The sparking and burning smell is something you can’t ignore. You’re all ears now to get these repairs done so you can enjoy another 20 years in the house you’ve made a home.

Homeowner true story

One such homeowner called us from Willimantic CT. He noticed that an electrical outlet wasn’t working. There were lights that weren’t working. His air conditioner wasn’t working either. He could smell something that he knew wasn’t ‘right’ but couldn’t locate the source. Resetting his circuit breakers didn’t solve the issue. Our technician arrived, and inspected each electrical outlet. When he unplugged the air conditioner that wasn’t working, he discovered a scary problem:


Bad electrical outlet in Willimantic CT


Cause of the bad electrical outlet

In this case, the outlet was a bad electrical connection. On top of that, there was no ground in the outlet. The older homes in the historic Willimantic CT district were not wired to handle modern day appliances such as large window air conditioners. Also, craftsmanship of that day may not have been regulated as closely as today’s code standards. An aging electrical system and improper installation can lead to numerous repairs in the future. We recommend that you check your home’s electrical system once a year. You may choose to do so when you are already changing batteries in your smoke alarms, for example, to make it easier to remember to do. Here is an electrical safety checkup list of other items to inspect.

Check each electrical outlet in your home, as well as your electrical panel for any signs of rust. Rust means that water is getting in and can create a fire hazard. If you ever notice sparking or smoke coming from an electrical outlet, turn the power off to your home immediately. Call a licensed electrician to visit your home. His expertise in electrical repairs will provide you peace of mind and protect your home for those next 20 years or more!