Signs You Need a Water Treatment System

What is “water treatment”?

A water treatment system improves the condition of the water in your home, using salt or a filter.  If you have “hard” or “smelly” water, a treatment system will take care of that. It will improve the taste of your drinking water, protect your appliances, and can improve the condition of your skin & hair. For ladies, that could mean less trips to the salon because of stripped color! For gentlemen, that could mean savings on expensive razors! Two types of water treatment systems are water conditioners and water softeners. The following signs will help you decide which system is right for your home.

Signs you need a water treatment system

  • Pinhole leaks. If you’ve had to place a bucket under the sink on more than one occasion, you may want to have your water tested. Minerals in hard water become corrosive and begin to slowly eat away at your pipes.hard-water-mineral-corrosion-water-treatment-mansfield-ct
  • Dry skin and hair. If you’re spending wads of cash on the newest & greatest skin creams & hair products and STILL feel dryer than the Mojave desert, a water treatment system would be beneficial. Your skin is your largest organ – protect it while saving money!
  • Water heater leaks. If you’re replacing your water heater every 2-3 years [we’ve seen it happen!] you should consider a water heater system. Even if you replace the anode rod annually, acidic water will still eat away at your equipment. Boilers can also be affected by harsh water.
  • Your dishes have a film. The overabundance of minerals in your water collect on your dishes, as well as your appliances, no matter how much Jet Dry you use. You may see scaling in your dishwasher and notice that your dishes aren’t coming out as clean as they used to. Calcium build-up from hard water is causing the inefficiency. To make your dishes sparkle again & to prolong the life of your appliances, install a water treatment system in your home.
  • Your water tastes like a swimming pool. Blech!! To get rid of that chlorine taste, a water conditioner should be considered. Some people buy bottled water without realizing that, over a lifetime,  a water treatment system is much less expensive…and more environmentally conscious!

Types of water treatment systems

As we mentioned already, there are two types of water treatment systems: water softeners and water conditioners. The main difference is that a water softener uses salt to treat the water. If you have infants or a health condition that requires a low-sodium diet, you may want to research this option further. A water conditioner uses a filter to improve the taste of water. It will NOT remove minerals from the water. We compare the two systems in a past blog entry here. pinhole-leak-hard-acidic-water-plumbing-repair-marlborough-ct If you are still unsure what type of treatment system you need, we have just the plumbing technicians to help! We will address your concerns, check your plumbing system for signs and analyze a water sample. We will provide recommendations and install the treatment system that will give you long, luscious locks and sparkling crystal dishes. Okay…so that last part might just be a stretch… 🙂 Please call 860-228-1036 to schedule your appointment!