Small Bathroom Updates Make a Big Impact

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

After years of looking at the same thing, who wouldn’t want to completely remodel their bathroom? Of course we would ALL love that option! However, we know that the wallet doesn’t always agree with our dreams. That doesn’t mean you can’t do some updating though. Just changing out some fixtures, like faucets or lighting, can make a bathroom feel brand new.

In Storrs CT, we installed new faucets, sinks, vanities and countertops in two bathrooms. The flooring, toilets and bathing areas stayed the same. But these smaller updates gave the rooms the “new” feeling. The process was very short compared to a full remodel as well, which is great for a budget-conscious customer that’s also short on time.

Please don’t feel “stuck” with an outdated bathroom. Talking to one of our plumbing technicians will open up a world of options and possibilities that you may not have thought possible. We love being able to come up with solutions to make you love your home again!