Spring Home Maintenance: Plumbing Edition

Think Spring….Maintenance!

The calendar says it’s officially Spring. Whew, we didn’t think that winter was EVER going to end! Assuming we are in the clear for any more major snow falls, it’s time to think about and plan your springtime home maintenance.

Outside faucets

Watering your gardens, washing the car and bathing the dog are all made easier with an outside faucet. You will also be all set for when even warmer temperatures roll around and you need to hook up a sprinkler or fill up the kiddie pool. If your home suffered a burst pipe because the hose was left connected to an outside faucet during the winter, now’s a good time to replace it. We recommend a frost-free outside faucet. Not only will it be functional for your outdoor needs, but you won’t have to worry about another burst pipe next winter! [And these brutal CT winters return before we know it!]


Comparison between a standard outdoor faucet and a frost-free outdoor faucet

 Water heater maintenance

The typical lifespan of a gas or electric water heater is 10-12 years. To get the longest


Leaky water heater we replaced in Willington CT

life from your heater, we recommend that maintenance is performed every 2-3 years. Having your water heater serviced includes flushing out the sediment that collects on the bottom and checking the sacrificial anode rod inside. If it’s not routinely serviced, you not only void any warranties, but you run the risk of the water heater leaking or bursting. If your water heater is over 10 years old, you may want to consider replacing it BEFORE April 15th because new regulations go into effect. Replacing it now will save you the increased cost.

Sump pump

sump pump installation coventry ct

Sump pump we installed in Coventry CT

March snow melts + April showers = WHERE WILL ALL THIS WATER GO?! Hopefully not in your basements. As part of your Spring maintenance plan, we recommend testing your current sump pump for operation. Also check on the age of the pump. Time passes quicker than we like to think and sump pumps usually have a lifespan of 5-7 years, with the proper maintenance. If your home is prone to flooding or you’ve had flooding issues with heavy rains in the past, installing a sump pump is the solution. It costs much less to have a sump pump installed than it does to rent pumps, dry vacs, fans, a water mediation company and replacing everything in your basement. Precious memories, such as ornaments or photos, cannot be restored.

 Your local plumber

We have trained, professional plumbers on staff to perform any of the items on your springtime home maintenance checklist. Our fully stocked trucks travel to towns east of the Connecticut River and a friendly technician will be happy to answer all of your questions. Here’s what some of our customers say about us. Please call 860-228-1036 to schedule an outside faucet installation, a sump pump installation or water heater maintenance.