Spring Home Maintenance Tips

We’re almost at the finish line Eastern Connecticut! The days are getting longer, and the birds are singing. Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start getting your home ready. Before you know it, the busyness of vacation planning and school ending will be here! Stay ahead of the game by getting your spring home maintenance done early.

Check your electrical system

mouse-in-electrical-system-manchester-ct-spring-home-maintenance-checkDuring the cold, all sorts of critters seek shelter from the elements. You’d be surprised at how many calls we receive because a customer has lost power…due to a mouse. Mice can flatten their bodies almost as thin as a sheet of paper. They seek warmth and squeeze their way into foundation cracks, doorways and siding. One of the most comfy spots they find is within your home’s electrical system. Electricity creates the heat they crave. They will begin to nest and build a home. Unfortunately, they need materials to nest and mice will chew through your wires. During your spring home maintenance check, look inside your electrical panel for droppings, bits of debris, or even a mouse itself!

Test your sump pump

Warm spring weather in Eastern Connecticut brings ground thawing and snow melt. Be sure to test your sump pump to avoid a flooded basement. Inspect the sump basin and remove any debris that may have been accidentally knocked in. If you think your sump pump has failed, check the float switch. It may be stuck.

A float sits in the basin. Once the water reaches a certain level, the float senses it and switches the sump pump on. Sump pump failure can happen if the float is stuck on a piece of debris or hung up on something in the tank. To learn how to perform a quick sump pump test, check out the video on our YouTube channel.

Check your outside spigot

An outside spigot takes a beating during Eastern Connecticut winters. Before you spend a lot of time washing salt of your car or watering plants, do a test run. Turn on your outside spigot. Go to your basement or garage and look for any leaks. If you forgot to take your hose off or don’t have a frost-free spigot, water may have frozen inside it. If it was frozen long enough, the pipe to the spigot may have burst. If you see water in your basement, it’s a sign that the outside spigot needs a plumbing repair or replacement. Doing a test run before you start any springtime chores can prevent a flooded living space.

Schedule a spring home maintenance check

Any of our Rapid Service LLC plumbing, heating and electrical technicians can perform a spring home maintenance check to provide you with peace of mind. You make make a list ahead of time of any of your concerns. Our service calls always include ample time for discussions and complete explanations of your options. To schedule your spring home maintenance check, please call 860-228-1036. If you found these tips helpful, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for more!