Spring Plumbing Tips From Your Columbia CT Plumber

columbia-ct-plumber-spring-plumbing-tipsNow that the warmer weather is finally here, it’s time to enjoy it! Avoid any plumbing nightmares that can cut into your leisure time or vacation funds. Your local Columbia CT plumber has some spring plumbing tips. Take just one morning to go through the checklist and get back to the sunshine.

Springtime plumbing tips

  • Sump pump. Have you tested it yet? We all know the rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers,” right? And we all know that water can find its way into the basement. Test your pump to make sure it’s in good working order. Also, check the sump basin. Remove anything that may have fallen in. Debris can get stuck in the float switch and cause your sump pump to stop working.
  • Septic tank. Do you remember the last time it was pumped? Have you noticed your drains backing up or slowing down? Now that all the snow is gone, it’s a perfect time to schedule a pump-out. Our friends at Hop River Septic Service do a wonderful job!
  • Drains. No septic system, but your drains are still running slow? During the winter, most of us cook some pretty heavy meals. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah aside, we enjoy a lot of comfort foods! Your drains may be plugged with grease, fat, or veggie peels. Schedule a drain cleaning service TODAY. Don’t get stuck waiting for a plumber on the first beach day!
  • Outside spigot. An outside faucet makes washing the dog, cleaning the gardening tools and cooling off pretty easy. PLEASE TEST YOUR SPIGOT BEFORE THE SEASON’S FIRST USE. We’ve already received calls for flooded basements and garages. A dead sump pump wasn’t the cause. What was? An outside spigot that had frozen and cracked over the winter. You usually won’t know there’s a problem until you use it for the first time. Before you wash your car, turn on the faucet and leave it running for about 2 minutes. Check your basement or garage for any leaks. If you see water, schedule a repair with your local plumber.

Your local Columbia CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC can help get your home ready for Spring, so you have more time to enjoy it. From drain cleanings to water heater check-ups, we’ll keep the water flowing. Ready to spruce up your bathroom with a new faucet or vanity? We can do that too. Emergency plumbing services are available as well. Call 860-228-1036 to make an appointment with a local, PROFESSIONAL plumber.