How to Stop Bathroom Mold

How to prevent bathroom mold

Mold loves to grow in damp places. Your bathroom is the best spot in the house for it to settle in. You may see little spots up in your ceiling corners. You might smell it but not see it because it’s growing inside a cabinet. Your local Columbia CT plumber has some tips on how to stop bathroom mold from forming.

Proper ventilation

A steamy shower is perfect after a hard workout. A hot soaking in the tub relaxes all your stress away. However, all that condensation has to go somewhere. If you don’t have good ventilation, the steam will build up and create condensation. That condensation will sit on your walls and cupboards. It can’t evaporate without proper ventilation, so it creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow. To prevent bathroom mold, install an exhaust fan. Run the fan while you shower, and leave it on for about another half hour. A fan with a timer switch makes this step easier. A Rapid Service professional technician can help you select, then install, the best fan for your bathroom. Not all of them sound like a plane is taking off! And some of them even have heating features to make showering even more enjoyable.


Preventative maintenance

If you can smell mold, but can’t see it, chances are you have a leaky plumbing fixture. It’s important to take a look under your cabinets once in a while. Check for corrosion on the pipes. Feel around for any damp or wet spots. Notice staining in your bathtub, leading up to the tub faucet or showerhead? A professional plumber can make a repair to prevent further damage to your bath tub. By taking a few moments every couple months to check for leaks, you can avoid the more costly expensive of mold remediation.

leak, water leak, mold

Mold resulting from a water leak in Storrs, CT

Grout repair

Tile and grout get the brunt of water exposure in your shower. Grout wears away over time. Water then seeps behind your tiles and makes more of a mess. We’ve received MANY calls from Columbia CT homeowners because of ceiling leaks. Usually, right above these ceiling leaks are the bathrooms. Our plumbing technicians usually determine that the issue was caused by a leaking toilet or water getting behind tile. The water will continue to leak with each shower, until there’s enough to seep through the ceiling. To prevent this type of leak that can lead to mold, waterproof your grout annually.


Your local Columbia CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides leak detection to stop bathroom mold from forming. Do you have an active leak and need help FAST? You can get emergency plumbing service by calling our office 24/7: 860-228-1036