Summer Savings for Plumbing & Electrical Repairs

Luau music – check.

Umbrella drink in hand – check.

BBQ wafting up your nostrils – check.

WAIT….THAT’S NOT BBQ, DEAR!!! The outside outlet is smoking!!


Save on electrical repairs

Your local Coventry CT electrician would like to announce our new summer savings available to Eastern Connecticut homeowners. You know that electricity and water don’t mix. But you may not know that hidden dangers exist or where to find them. As a courtesy to keeping our community safe, we’ll conduct a walkthrough of your home’s electrical system. The walkthrough will include checking all your outside outlets and pool lighting. The electrician will explain what he found and let you know what your repair options are. Keep the smokin’ to the pit and not your home’s electrical system!

Lightning storms surprise us and force our fun inside. As New Englanders, we’re used to rolling with Mother Nature’s moods. However, there’s nothing fun about a lightning strike that damages electronics. Once you’ve added up the cost to replace your appliances, computers, TVs, etc that got toasted, you’re looking at thousands of dollars. We’re offering whole house surge suppression installation with a $75 savings. For less than the cost of replacing just ONE of those flat screens, you can protect ALL of your home’s electronics!

Save on plumbing repairs

Those pop-up lightning storms don’t always bring a ton of rain with them. Summer time in Coventry, CT can leave lawns dry and well systems parched. Drought advisories and warnings are issued and we’re all urged to conserve water. To help this cause, your local plumber is offering “The Doubler Savings.” You will save $30 on the installation of a water-saver toilet, showerhead, or kitchen/bathroom faucet. These fixtures now all come in stylish designs and finishes. Any one of our plumber technicians can provide options for you to choose from.

What’s more refreshing on those muggy, legs-stick-to-everything-days than a tall, ice-cold glass of water? Drinking plenty of water is crucial to both humans, and our fur-friends alike, in the summertime. It’s important that your drinking water is free of contaminants and bacteria. Both Coventry, CT public and private well water systems can be contaminated, and you may not know it because you won’t taste anything ‘off.’ A water filtration system, or water treatment system, will keep your family hydrated AND safe. Contact us today to save $50 on a water filtration system.

Your local Coventry CT home repair service

Rapid Service LLC is pleased to offer these summer savings to Coventry CT, as well as Eastern Connecticut homeowners. I know there’s a million other FUN things you’d rather be doing than electrical or plumbing repairs. We offer 24-hour emergency service, as well, for those times that can’t be planned. Visit our “Specials” page on our website to find the coupons for the savings I mentioned You’ll have a local plumber or electrician get you all fixed up in no time!