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Wipes Create Plumbing Nightmare in Connecticut

Flushable wipes damage sewer systems As reported by WINY Radio, “flushable” wipes are creating a plumbing nightmare in Killingly CT. Towns and cities across Connecticut, and across the country, are facing multi-million dollar repair bills. This translates to higher taxes for all of us. “According to Killingly Town Engineer David Capacchione, the issue has been occurring more frequently, […]

Plumbing Tips for Pet Lovers

Plumbing tips for pet lovers From cats to dogs, from birds to hamsters, we love our pets! We give them soft squishy beds, yummy treats and lots of lovin’. They quickly warm their way into our hearts and earn their places as family members. There are lots of blogs out there that address making your […]

Clogged Drain Repair in Columbia CT

A clogged drain is a common repair we complete. The problem usually starts out as a slow drain. Common causes of clogged drains are hair buildup, food particles, baby wipes and grease. A chemical cleaner, a bucket of hot water or a plunger may have been used by a homeowner with no luck. Life gets […]

Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems

Avoid holiday plumbing disasters The week of Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for plumbers. We receive a lot of plumbing calls for clogged sinks and plugged toilets. Why? This blog post will take a look at the three most common culprits of Thanksgiving plumbing problems and how you can avoid […]

Quick Plumbing Tip: Pumpkins & Clogged Drains

Time to carve up those pumpkins to delight all the trick or treaters! Wait…what does that have to do with clogged drains? I’ll tell you. And if you don’t heed my advice, you’ll wind up dealing with something way scarier than any goblin on your doorstep! Avoid terrifying clogged drains It can be tempting to […]

Quick Plumbing Tip: Low Water Pressure

What causes low water pressure? There are few things that can cause low water pressure. Check all the faucets to see if it’s ALL of them or just one faucet that has pressure issues. If it’s just one faucet, the first thing that you should to check is your faucet aerator. It’s the screen that […]

VIDEO: What Causes Clogged Drains?

Solutions for clogged drains One of the most popular plumbing repair services we offer is drain cleaning. Slow drains are a sign that a clog is in the future. We recommend using a drain treatment once a month as preventative maintenance. If a slow drain isn’t treated, you’ll wind up with a completely clogged or blocked […]

Main Drain Line Repair in Hebron

Backed up drains gave one of our Hebron CT customers a major headache. The septic tank was pumped out but that didn’t solve the issue. There was a clog in the main drain line somewhere between the house and the septic tank. One of our professional plumbers was dispatched to pinpoint exactly where the blockage was […]

Quick Plumbing Tip: Plungers

The first thing you reach for when the toilet is clogged or the sink is stopped up is a plunger, right? Are you using the right one? Did you know there are two different types of plungers? Types of plungers To clear a clogged sink, you need to use a CUP plunger to create a […]

Plumbing Tip: What NOT to Flush

“Flushable wipes” By now, we’re sure you’ve read the headlines about the damage that “flushable” wipes are creating. Towns and cities across the US are facing large repairs because these wipes are being flushed down toilets and do NOT break down. They gunk up the sewer treatment plants and create a huge mess. In residential […]

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