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VIDEO: What Causes Clogged Drains?

Solutions for clogged drains One of the most popular plumbing repair services we offer is drain cleaning. Slow drains are a sign that a clog is in the future. We recommend using a drain treatment once a month as preventative maintenance. If a slow drain isn’t treated, you’ll wind up with a completely clogged or blocked […]

Main Drain Line Repair in Hebron

Backed up drains gave one of our Hebron CT customers a major headache. The septic tank was pumped out but that didn’t solve the issue. There was a clog in the main drain line somewhere between the house and the septic tank. One of our professional plumbers was dispatched to pinpoint exactly where the blockage was […]

Plumbing Tip: What NOT to Flush

“Flushable wipes” By now, we’re sure you’ve read the headlines about the damage that “flushable” wipes are creating. Towns and cities across the US are facing large repairs because these wipes are being flushed down toilets and do NOT break down. They gunk up the sewer treatment plants and create a huge mess. In residential […]

Septic Drain Line Backup in Storrs CT

Septic drain back up Backed up drains are no one’s idea of a fun time. One of our Storrs CT customers called because while he was doing laundry, the drains started backing up. As if laundry wasn’t enough of a chore, now there was a plumbing headache to deal with! Solution One of our plumbing […]

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