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Quick Plumbing Tip: Low Water Pressure

What causes low water pressure? There are few things that can cause low water pressure. Check all the faucets to see if it’s ALL of them or just one faucet that has pressure issues. If it’s just one faucet, the first thing that you should to check is your faucet aerator. It’s the screen that […]

Septic Drain Line Backup in Storrs CT

Septic drain back up Backed up drains are no one’s idea of a fun time. One of our Storrs CT customers called because while he was doing laundry, the drains started backing up. As if laundry wasn’t enough of a chore, now there was a plumbing headache to deal with! Solution One of our plumbing […]

We Fix Winter Plumbing Problems

Along with plenty of snow, winter brings plenty of plumbing problems in Eastern CT. Our plumbing team has been busy repairing burst pipes, thawing frozen pipes, replacing malfunctioning boiler parts, and installing new boiler units. Frozen pipes in Willimantic CT One of our plumbers visited a Willimantic CT home because they had no heat or […]

Easy Way to Avoid Frozen Pipes

We have one very simple way to avoid frozen pipes. It’s going to seem silly. It’s probably going to make you think, “well DUH!” But our plumbers are going to offer the suggestion anyway: Keep an eye on your heating fuel gauges! That is the EASIEST way to avoid frozen pipes! If you have an […]

What is a Root Ball?

Last week on Facebook, we posted a picture of a root ball and someone asked what exactly that meant. “It looks so much like a snake or something,” she commented. ‘Snake’ is one of the kinder euphemisms that come to mind when looking at this root ball we extracted from a home in Mansfield, CT. […]

Bath Remodel in Windham CT

From plumbing repair…. A Windham CT customer called us to admit he’d dumped soup down his bathroom sink. Now, he said it wouldn’t drain. A lot of the homes in this area are very old and have outdated plumbing fixtures. Our plumbing technician did some drain repiping in the cellar to fix the issues. Snaking […]

Clogged drain job in Coventry CT

Problem: Clogged drains We have a lot of customers in Coventry, CT. Last month, we got a a call from a homeowner at her wit’s end. She was dealing with clogged drains all over her home. When her washing machine drained, it made water bubble up out of the kitchen sink. When she used the […]

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