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FAQ: Why Are My Faucets Turning Green?

Have you noticed that your faucets or other plumbing piping are turning green? It’s time to check your water quality. “Hard” water is usually to blame. It can be found in both city water and well water. We’ve found that Coventry CT has some particularly hard water conditions. Protect your faucets “Hard” water is created […]

How To Improve Your Water Quality

Hard water and poor water quality Water quality is a concern in many Eastern CT towns. Water can be considered “hard” and it may also have contaminants that can affect your health. Water quality can be affected in both municipal systems and private wells. It’s called “hard” because it contains excess minerals. Even though most municipal […]

What Causes Smelly Water?

When everything in your home’s plumbing system is working okay, your water should not have any distinctive smell. If you smell chlorine, rotten eggs or sewage, you should make a call to your local plumber. There are a few things that cause smelly water and a professional plumber will be able to troubleshoot them. Smelly […]

What is a UV Water Purification System?

Aging plumbing infrastructure Did you know that some of the plumbing infrastructure in our country is almost 200 years old?! Most of it is in desperate need of replacement or repair. Recently, Killingly CT held referendums regarding updating their 42-year old facility. “At issue is the ability of the 42-year-old facility to keep up a […]

What Causes Pinhole Leaks?

What causes pinhole leaks? Pinhole leaks are usually caused by aging of your pipes. Over time, the minerals in the water start to corrode the copper. You may hear a constant drip somewhere over your head, or you’ll feel a spray on your head when you’re in your basement. A North Windham CT customer called […]

Signs You Need a Water Treatment System

What is “water treatment”? A water treatment system improves the condition of the water in your home, using salt or a filter.  If you have “hard” or “smelly” water, a treatment system will take care of that. It will improve the taste of your drinking water, protect your appliances, and can improve the condition of your […]

How to Solve Hard Water Issues

What is hard water? “Hard water” occurs when there is an overabundance of minerals in your home’s water supply. Over half of the earth’s water comes from ground water. As water passes through the ground, it picks up minerals from the Side effect of hard water: pipe is being corroded from the inside, resulting in […]

Water Softener vs. Water Conditioner

A water softener is a type of water conditioner. It reduces the hardness of your water. Hard water is caused by the minerals calcium or magnesium. If you have ever noticed a white film on your dishes, you have hard water. A water conditioner is a filter. It removes chlorine and helps to improve the […]

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