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Pro Plumber Advice: Well Pump Upgrade

Your local Willimantic CT plumber knows that many of the older homes in the area have a jet pump well system. This type of system is outdated and inefficient. A well pump upgrade is something to consider. Jet pump vs. submersible well pump A jet pump is found in a basement or crawlspace of a […]

Protect Your Well Pump From Drought Damage

A well pump can be damaged easily during the summer months. Lack of rain can lead to dry wells. The CT Dept. of Health has already issued one drought advisory this season. The easiest way to protect your well pump is to conserve water. Watching your water consumption can save you thousands of dollars of […]

One Cause of Well Pump Failure: Lightning

A well pump is the workhorse of your home. It works quietly, day in and day out, providing water to your home. Until one day, it doesn’t. But…my well pump is only 10 years old! But…it’s worked fine for the last 20 years, why NOW?! But…we haven’t changed our water consumption recently. But…our water quality […]

What Causes Well Tank Failure?

What is a well tank? A well tank is just one part of a private well water system. If you’re connected to city water, you don’t have a well tank. A well tank is usually found in your basement. Sometimes, it’s in a crawl space or utility room. It’s shaped like a cylinder and is […]

Ask a Plumber: How to Choose a Well Tank

Your local Columbia CT plumber is here to give you some tips on how to choose the right well tank for your home. What’s a well tank? If you have a well system, there are three main components: the well, a well pump and a well tank. The well and well pump are found outside […]

5 Causes of Well Pump Failure

What is a well pump? Let’s start by defining what a “well pump” is. If you’re connected to a city water source, your home doesn’t have one. If you have a private well system, it’s the workhorse that provides water to your home. In Eastern Connecticut, private well systems are common. The well is either […]

Plumbing Tips for Winter

Winter is tough on a lot of things in our lives. Our vehicles, schedules and peace of mind can all take a beating. Plumbing is another aspect that is heavily affected by winter’s freezing temperatures, howling winds and unpredictability. We’ve put together some tips to help protect your home’s plumbing system and tricks on how […]

What Is A Well Tank?

Private well system A well tank is found in the basement of many Eastern CT homes. If your home has a well, there are three main parts to the system: the well itself [1], a well pump [2], and a well tank [3]. Most wells in our area are drilled deep and require a submersible […]

Well Pump Damage from Lightning Storms

There seems to be a split camp when it comes to lightning storms. You either love ’em or hate ’em. What we can all agree on is a shared despair when it comes to the damage they cause. From a downed tree and wires, to a struck well pump and no water, lightning can cause […]

What is a Sanitary Well Cap?

The function of a sanitary well cap is to protect your drinking water. It is also known as a vermin proof well cap. Both caps attached to the top of your well’s casing. A sanitary well cap has a rubber gasket that prevents bugs, rodents or surface water from entering your well. Why do I […]

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