The REAL Cost of a ‘Cheap’ Plumber

Everyone loves a bargain. Whether you wait for a sale, or clip coupons, saving money on something is a thrill. However, that old saying “you get what you pay for” can really throw some water on that fire. When it comes to your home, looking for a ‘cheap’ plumber to do a ‘cheap’ plumbing repair can wind up costing more than if a professional was hired from the start.

The box store ‘deals’

Box stores have extensive marketing budgets to push their ‘deals.’ Offers for plumbing installations of a new toilet, water heater, or faucet are attractive. They can offer these discounts because of the volume they attract. Another reason is because they subcontract the labor. This  means that the installer is not an employee of the store. You don’t have the benefit of being able to check for a valid license, insurance or view examples of prior work. Homeowners are expected to invite a stranger into their homes to perform work without being able to actually contact that installer should a problem arise later. This is a gamble to save money. Do you really want to gamble with your largest investment?

Toilet installation in Manchester CTimproper toilet flange installation box store results manchester ct

We received a call from one of our Manchester CT homeowners. There was water leaking through a ceiling light fixture. He was concerned that a pipe had burst. Water and electricity do NOT mix so we dispatched a technician the same day. The water was not coming from a burst water line or frozen pipe. After a thorough walk-through, our professional plumber technician determined it was coming from the toilet upstairs. The flange was NOT installed properly after a new floor was installed. Because the seal was not tight, it allowed water to seep into the floor and through the light fixture below. One guess as to what outfit did the original installation?

The professional plumber difference

Once the toilet was pulled off the floor, we were able to see the complete picture. We showed our customer and explained what happened, as well as what we’d need to do to correct the problem. Below are the photos that show our professional repair. The first photo is what the toilet connection looked like after the toilet was pulled. The middle photo shows a pile of shavings. That’s how much the pipe had to be adjusted!! The last photo shows what the flange installation SHOULD HAVE looked like before the toilet was set. If there were any savings in using a ‘box store’ for the flooring installation, they were used up for a professional repair.

toilet plumbing repair manchester ct plumber

Before, during and after

Your Manchester CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC has been providing professional plumbing repairs and installations for almost 30 years. Our technicians are employed by us and we provide continual training. We treat your home as if it’s our own and you can always contact us for service. Please, PLEASE do some homework and research before hiring a ‘box store’ for any work in your home. The initial savings, coupons and discounts are very attractive. However, they aren’t always lifelong investments. Please contact our office by calling 860-228-1036 to schedule a professional plumber.