Top Plumbing and Electrical Tips for Fall

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hello fall

This week officially kicks off the Fall season. Many of you have already been to the local orchard to pick out mums. Pumpkin spice everything has been on shelves for about a month. Do you think your is home ready for Fall? I’m not talking about lining up the hay bales and pumpkins. Decorating for the season is a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong. But, I’m talking about the electrical and plumbing systems in your home. Fall is a great time to do some preventative maintenance before the beauty of autumn fades and long, harsh New England winter sets in.


Plumbing tips for the fall season

  • Leaks – Check the plumbing under your sinks for leaks. Puddles or moisture spots in your basement are signs that your boiler, water heater, or a water line could be leaking. Don’t forget to check your outside spigot as well.
  • Outside hose – Disconnect your hoses. Whether you have a regular or frost-free outdoor faucet, you need to remove the hose to prevent a burst pipe. One of the TOP plumbing emergencies we deal with in the winter, is a leaking pipe because the hose wasn’t removed in the fall.
  • Boiler – Schedule oil burner service and a cleaning for your boiler NOW! Even if you don’t plan to use the heat until the end of fall, get an appointment now. Heating companies book up extremely quickly. As it gets closer to heating season, heating companies get busy. Inspect your boiler. Look for any signs of corrosion, like rust. Check all of the valves, plumbing pipes, and connections. Your heating system is under a lot of stress in the winter. It’s worth it to check it over now! Schedule a Rapid Service plumber for any heating repairs.


Electrical tips for the fall season

  •  Cords – Inspect all the cords of your cold-weather equipment, such as leaf or snow blowers, Look for signs of wear and tear. This includes cracked or frayed wires. Replace or repair before using them.
  • Decorations – Halloween, Thanksgiving! It’s a beautiful time of year to decorate your Colchester CT home. Practice electrical safety. All your electrical decorations need to be certified by an independent testing lab. UL, CSA or ETL designations on the tag are credible testing labs.
  • Generator – Fall is prime hurricane season. Water is critical. Heat becomes important as the season marches on. Schedule annual maintenance for your generator. Keep the area around your generator free of autumn leaves and sticks. These steps will pay off big during a power failure.


Your local Colchester plumber and electrician

Rapid Service LLC wants your family to be safe. We hope these plumbing and electrical tips help you prepare for the Colchester cold season ahead. Didn’t see something that you want to learn more about? Post your question on our Facebook page and we’ll try to answer it with our next entry! You can also check out our YouTube page for more plumbing, heating, and electrical tips. BONUS: You’ll see a lot of our work too!