What is a UV Water Purification System?

Aging plumbing infrastructure

Did you know that some of the plumbing infrastructure in our country is almost 200 years old?! Most of it is in desperate need of replacement or repair. Recently, Killingly CT held referendums regarding updating their 42-year old facility.

At issue is the ability of the 42-year-old facility to keep up a 24-hours-a-day/ seven-days-a-week/ 365-days-a-year schedule. The town has spent nearly $2.5 million to keep the plant running so far, according to Cinque Mars. Two out of four pumps at the Rogers pumping station are not working and the other two are not working at maximum capacity. And some replacement parts for the equipment are no longer available, according to Capacchione.” – Norwich Bulletin

When plumbing systems begin to break down, the quality of your water is compromised. A UV water purification system will give you complete confidence in your water quality.

Why you need a UV water purification system

Water is used in every aspect of your life, each and every day. From drinking to bathing to cleaning to cooking. You cannot live without it. But it could be making you sick. The aging plumbing infrastructure mentioned above could be one contributor. It was previously suggested that unused medications should be flushed down the toilets. It’s been found that traces remain in our drinking water. It’s been recommended that drinking bottled or filtered water may help reduce your exposure to medicines in  the water supply. Purchasing bottled water can get pretty expensive and even that water isn’t guaranteed to be free of contaminants. Groundwater in well systems can also be contaminated from farm chemicals, animal fecal matter or a failing septic system. A UV water purification system  is the only way to disinfect your drinking water and provide total peace of mind.

How does it work?

You may have heard of water treatment systems called “water softeners” or “water conditioners.” Each of these systems have to pass through a material, either salt or a filter, to treat the water. They treat the water for smells and hardness but not for bacteria. A UV water purification system uses ultra-violet light to disinfect viruses and bacteria. It also kills the dangerous protozoa called Cryptosporidium and Giardia. These can be killed by the use of heavy chlorination but we’re talking about using 25 times more chlorine than what’s used to treat a public swimming pool!  A UV water purification system kills the bacteria so the bacteria cannot reproduce. It doesn’t require salt, chemicals or filters. There are no by-products added to your water and you don’t have to worry about storing chemicals.

History on UV water purification systems

The use of UV light to treat water isn’t new! According to the USAPHC, The germicidal properties of UV light were discovered in 1887. The first application of UV light in drinking water occurred in 1910 at Marseilles, France. You can read their research on how UV destroys harmful bacteria here.

water treatment system in columbia ct using sediment filter, carbon filter, uv water purification system

We love this water treatment system we installed in Columbia CT. It’s a combination water treatment system. It has a sediment filter & a carbon filter to treat the hardness of water and improve the taste of water. It also has a UV water purification system to kill bacteria.


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