Wall-Mount vs. Vanity-Top Sink


Wall-mount sink we installed in West Hartford CT

There are so many design options when choosing a bathroom sink. Try not to get too overwhelmed! Think about who will be using it and how your bathroom is laid out. Do you need extra storage? Do you mind looking at exposed plumbing? Once you think about what you want your sink to do, choosing one is simple! There are five main styles: vanity-top, console, pedestal, vessel or wall-mount sinks. In this blog, we’ll compare the wall-mount and vanity-top options.

Wall-mount sink

If you have a very small bathroom layout, a wall-mount sink is the perfect choice. It can be installed at any height. It’s also the perfect option for wheelchair accessibility.

You will need heavy-duty brackets because most wall-mount sinks are porcelain. The sink can be the sole element or it can be incorporated into a counter top.

To create even MORE space in a cramped bathroom, consider installing a wall-mount in a corner. Corners are the most wasted space in a bathroom. For more ways to make your small bathroom look bigger, please see one of our previous blog posts.

vanity-top-sink-faucet-installation-canterbury-ctVanity-top sink

If you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bathroom sink, a vanity-top is the best choice. The sink is usually the focal point of the bathroom but you don’t have to sacrifice style.

There are oval, round and square options in a variety of materials. Ceramic, glass, porcelain and metal options can be set into counter top in a variety of pleasing combinations.

We installed an integral vanity-top sink in Canterbury CT. An integral sink is made from the same material as the countertop. It’s a seamless look if installed by a professional.

Your local bathroom design specialist

If all the choices are overwhelming you, please give us a a call. One of our technicians will take the time to plan out a bathroom design that meets all your needs, as well as being beautiful! You can schedule a service call by contacting our office: 860-228-1036. Your local bathroom remodeling contractor is located in Columbia CT and we provide home services to Eastern CT. For more tips, please follow us on Twitter. We also post pictures of our recent plumbing, heating, electrical and remodeling projects on Facebook.