WANTED: Your Old Hot Water Heater

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day after day, your water heater cranks out the hot water. It may be a gas, oil or electric unit. It may hold 30, 40 or even 50-gallons. You probably don’t even think twice about it, until it breaks down. Do you remember when you last had it checked out? If your water heater is getting on in age, more than 10 years old, here’s what you might expect:

hot-water-heater-columbia-ct-plumber-emergency-plumbing-repairSigns of aging water heater

Rusty Tank Or Seam: Your water heater can corrode and rust over time, resulting in a massive flood that can cause a lot of damage.

Sediment: Hard water will cause an old heater to fill with sediment over time, reducing the area where your hot water is stored. The result is you run out of hot water faster.

Smelly Water: Over time, minerals in water break down the insides of the tank. This could cause your water to have a egg smell. Gross!

Big Bills: Old, inefficient units consume more energy and are expensive to operate. New models use the latest technology and superior insulation to reduce operating costs.

REWARD available from your Columbia CT plumber

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