5 Water Leak Signs

Drip, drip, drip, drip… You have a water leak – cue the menacing horror music!

Water leak, leaky faucet

When you hear that dreaded “drip” noise, it’s often like Chinese water torture. It either drives you insane from the annoying sound, or from the annoying water bill.

Unfortunately, any pipe or drain is subject to everyday wear & tear. It can often develop water leaks at the most inconvenient times. (Ever set a beautiful table for a dinner party…only to come back to the water glasses already filled and NOT by you?)

Here are five common signs of a water leak:

Water Leak Signs

  • High water bills
    • If your water bill has increased suddenly, you could have a leak on your main line.
  • Overflowing toilets or dripping faucets
    • To test a toilet for hidden leaks, add 6 drops of food coloring to your toilet tank. If the toilet is leaking, color will appear in the toilet bowl within 30 minutes.
  • Sounds of dripping water when faucets are not in use
    • A dripping faucet may only need a simple repair, such as replacing the O-ring It may be caused by the age of the fixture, which would need replacing.
  • Discoloration on your flooring, walls, or ceilings
    • Water always follows the weakest spots, such as seams. We advise early repairs, to avoid costly ceiling or flooring damage.
  • Musty odors originating from drains, sewer connections or floors
    • Look for corroded or rusty valves/fittings and/or damaged cabinetry.

water leak, leaky faucet, leaky drain, leakSome water leaks and drain leaks are easy to spot, either by sight or sound. However, there are some water leaks that require professional leak detection services.

If that “drip, drip, drip, drip…” is causing unnecessary aggravation, contact us now.  Our professional plumber will find the water leak and make an immediate repair. Don’t you feel better already???