Well Pump Damage from Lightning Storms

There seems to be a split camp when it comes to lightning storms. You either love ’em or hate ’em. What we can all agree on is a shared despair when it comes to the damage they cause. From a downed tree and wires, to a struck well pump and no water, lightning can cause thousands of dollars of damage for a homeowner.

Well pump damage in Lebanon

Recent lightning storms have had us all over Eastern Connecticut. A direct hit in Lebanon left our customer without water. We used a machine to pull up the damaged well pump. The lightning also destroyed the pipe and wire. As a professional GDPA member, we installed a Goulds well pump, along with new pipe, wire and a well cap. The new well pump primed right up and water was restored the same day.


A lightning strike damaged this well pump in Lebanon CT.

What you should do

If you suspect that your well pump has been hit by lightning, call a professional plumber right away. Chances are, you aren’t the only one suffering from storm damage. The sooner you call, the higher your chances are at getting ‘first in line’ for service! Your second call should be to your homeowner’s insurance agent. Find out what type of information they will need. Some require photos, a lightning affidavit and/or a visit to your home to inspect the damaged well pump. Let your plumbing professional know ahead of time so that no materials get discarded. Our office is experienced in preparing documents and facilitating the process so that you have one less stress to worry about. We have heard many times over that our full-service assistance is a benefit of calling Rapid Service.

Your local well pump service

We have been replacing well pumps for almost 30 years. We are located in Columbia CT and provide full-service plumbing repairs and installations. Some of the repairs we complete are to leaky pipes, pinhole leaks, running toilets, clogged drains and boiler troubles. Some of the installations we complete are water heaters, well tanks, water filtration systems, and outside spigots. Check out our YouTube video for a sneak peek at some of the jobs we’ve done recently! We can be reached for 24/7 emergency services by calling 860-228-1036.