Well Pump Replacement Service Available

I have no water!

While there’s never really a good time for your well pump to die, this is probably the WORST time of year for it to go. We understand that not having water isn’t an option. We also understand that budgets are tight due to the holiday season. Your local Columbia CT plumber offers financing options to make life a little less stressful.

What type of well pump do I have?

The two most common well pumps are “jet” or “submersible” types.

You have a jet pump if:

  • your well is shallow
  • the pump is in your basement or a pump house
  • you need an additional “booster” tank to increase your water pressure

Jet pump and well tank installed in Windham CT

You have a submersible pump if:

  • your well is more than 25′ deep
  • the pump is located outside in your yard
  • you do not have to prime the pump

Pulling up a submersible pump in Bolton CT

Troubleshooting tips

Before you call a plumber, there are a couple things you can check. First, check your electrical panel and see if there are any tripped breakers. Try resetting it. If the breaker flips over again, it’s time to call a pro.

Second, check to see if any of your toilets are running or if a faucet is dripping. A running toilet can run your well dry. Be sure to turn the power off to the pump so it doesn’t burn out. Try not to use the water for 12 hours. If you still don’t have water, it may be time to call a plumber.

Third, find out how old the well pump is. With the perfect water quality and a perfect original installation, a pump should last about 20 years. If you have hard water and aren’t sure who installed the pump, it may fail prematurely.

What do I do now?

After you’ve gone through troubleshooting, and perhaps some YouTube tutorials, it’s time to make a decision. You could try to pull up the pump yourself and risk a back injury OR dropping it several hundred feet down the well, never to be retrieved again. Or, you could call a number you found online, cross your fingers you’ll reach someone, and pray that someone will show up and do the job right.

You could call your local Columbia CT well pump replacement specialist and talk to someone right away. A licensed emergency plumber will arrive at your home within a few hours. He’ll take the time to thoroughly diagnose your well system. Then he’ll provide your pump replacement options and pricing upfront, as well as explain your financing choices.  You will have water back before you leaves your home, and your home will be left as clean as when he arrived.

Bonus: if you ever have an issue or need additional plumbing repairs, you’ll be able to reach us! No unanswered voicemails and no disappearing acts!


Your local Columbia CT emergency plumber

Rapid Service LLC has offered professional well pump replacement in Columbia CT for 30 years. We have replaced pumps for newlyweds, then returned when the equipment has outlived its life, and there are grandkids running around! We are passionate about making pristine plumbing repairs because we respect your home. Not only is your home your biggest investment, it protects your family.

Please call 860-228-1036 for professional well pump replacement.