Well Repair in Columbia CT

Most well systems are dug by machine these days. However, there are quite a few hand-dug, stone-lined wells left in Columbia CT. We had to do a well repair on one recently.  Our customer had plenty of water but there was a lot of sediment in it. They had a water treatment system and noticed that they had to change the filter more often. Even with the filter system, they were noticing what looked like sand in their drinking glasses. The faucets in the home were also getting clogged.

Hand-dug well repair

Our plumbing team was able to quickly diagnosis the issue. Indeed, our customer was seeing sand in their cups. The hand-dug well was in need of some TLC. The well was pumped out so that a plastic liner could be installed. A layer of rock was placed around the plastic basin liner to act as another level of filtration. Here’s a look at the well repair:


Repair on a hand-dug well in Columbia CT

Our well repair services also include the replacement of submersible well pumps and shallow well pumps [also known as ‘jet pumps.’] This includes any electrical wiring from your home to the well pump. We also install well tanks and additional water storage tanks. Water line break repair is another well repair service we offer. If you aren’t sure if a part of your well system needs to be repaired or replaced, please give us a call to schedule a service call: 860-228-1036. Be sure to visit our home page for a coupon! 🙂

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