Well Tank Service in Coventry CT

Your needs change

The needs of your home and family change over time. Such was the case for one of our Coventry CT homeowners. She shares a well with another home on the property, as well as a barn. There were two well tanks to keep up with the demand for water. The barn is no longer operational. The well tanks showed signs of aging and something needed to be done. She wasn’t sure if the current tanks needed to be swapped out, or if a single well tank could be installed. She knew just what plumber to call!

Well tank service

Since we’ve completed other plumbing projects in her home, she knew she could count on us for a solution for her new water needs. A Rapid Service plumber determined that the two tanks could be removed and replaced with one large well tank. He selected the correct size well tank for the homes that still share the well. A tank too small will cause too much stress on the well pump and could burn it out. Our customer expressed concern about sediment in her water. A water filter system was also installed to protect her plumbing fixtures. The termination of the well tanks, and addition of the water filter system required re-piping. All the plumbing tasks were completed with craftsmanship and expertise.


Your local Coventry CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides licensed, insured, and PROFESSIONAL plumbing installations in Coventry CT and its surrounding towns. A well tank replacement is just one plumbing installation we offer. Water heater, well pump, toilet, faucet, and sink installation round out the list. In addition, we offer emergency plumbing repair. A clogged toilet, burst pipe, pinhole leak, or backed up drain are examples of emergency calls a Rapid Service plumber technician repairs on a daily basis. We share tips, tricks, and other homeownership fun on our Facebook and Twitter.


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