What Causes Smelly Water?

When everything in your home’s plumbing system is working okay, your water should not have any distinctive smell. If you smell chlorine, rotten eggs or sewage, you should make a call to your local plumber. There are a few things that cause smelly water and a professional plumber will be able to troubleshoot them.

Smelly water cause #1: Water heater

Your water heater should be inspected every 2-3 years. If you have corrosive water, you should have it checked each year. Over time, minerals in water break down the insides of the water heater tank. This could cause your water to have a egg smell. Corrosive water usually leaves blue-green staining on your other plumbing fixtures or in your tub. Sometimes, there is red staining, like rust. Your local plumber will inspect the water heater and let you know if maintenance can be performed, or if you need to replace the unit. If the water heater is the cause of the smelly water, be sure to have it serviced each year in the future.

Smelly water cause #2: Water quality

If your home doesn’t have a water heater or it’s not what’s causing the smelly water, it may be the quality of your well water. A local plumber will take a water sample and send it to a lab for testing. The lab will test for pH levels, bacteria, and mineral saturation. If bacteria is found, your well will need to be chlorinated. A UV water filter system is also recommended. If the water test shows that you have “hard” water, a water softener will help. This system uses salt, so please take health concerns into consideration. A water conditioner will improve the taste of your water but won’t remove minerals from it. A service call with one of our plumbers will help you determine what water treatment system you need.

Smelly water cause #3: Plumbing fixtures

If you are only noticing smelly water coming from one of your faucets, there’s probably an issue with it. Test every faucet in your home to see if the smell comes from each one. Test both the hot and cold water to see if there’s a difference in smells. There may be food or bacteria growing inside the faucet. The smell could also be coming from inside the sink drain trap. Cleaning it out and using a disinfectant is a solution. If your water smells musty, there may be a leak under the sink and mold is developing. The plumbing fixture or piping may need to be replaced to stop the leak. You will also have to replace any wood that was wet to get rid of the musty smell. If you still can’t find the source of the smelly water, contact your local plumber. Our number is 860-228-1036.

water treatment system in columbia ct using sediment filter, carbon filter, uv water purification system smells

Water treatment system we installed in Columbia CT. It’s a combination water treatment system. It has a sediment filter & a carbon filter to treat the hardness of water and improve the taste of water. It also has a UV water purification system to kill bacteria.