What is a saddle valve?

What is a saddle valve?

Saddle valves can still be found in older homes. They are most commonly installed for ice maker lines or under-the-sink water filters. You may see them in hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes.  However, they are against CT plumbing code. They are an attractive “fix” because they are inexpensive and require little skill. You don’t need to solder or use any tools to install a saddle valve.

A saddle valve looks like this:


                       Image credit: Home Depot

How does a saddle valve work?

It gets installed and tightened around a copper water line. The handle is twisted until the pin inside lowers and pierces the copper pipe. The rubber line for the ice maker or water filter is then fastened into the nut. The handle is twisted again until the pin is removed from the copper pipe. Now there is a pinhole in the copper pipe. Once the faucet is turned on, water will flow through the copper pipe, out the pinhole and through the ice maker line.

This is what an installation looks like:

         Image credit:

Saddle valves are against plumbing code now because they are prone to leaks. Leaks create corrosion to the rest of the plumbing system. Leaks also cause extensive [read: expensive] damage to cabinets and flooring. Since saddle valves are often located in places where they get bumped or moved, the chance of a leak increases. A professional plumber should replace them with a tee and a valve.

Replacing saddle valves

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