What is a Sanitary Well Cap?

The function of a sanitary well cap is to protect your drinking water. It is also known as a vermin proof well cap. Both caps attached to the top of your well’s casing. A sanitary well cap has a rubber gasket that prevents bugs, rodents or surface water from entering your well.

Why do I need a sanitary well cap?

While the state of CT doesn’t require these caps, we highly recommend having them installed. Take a look at these photos. All of that can wind up in your drinking water and make you really sick!



Bees, spiders, and their nests were found under this standard well cap. A sanitary well cap should be installed.

According to a report by the PennState College of Agricultural Sciences, bacterial contamination of wells is a major concern. Tests showed that HALF the wells were positive for coliform bacteria, which includes “a large number of different species of bacteria, some of which can cause illnesses or disease.” Even if your well system is currently bacteria-free, a sanitary well cap will prevent the chance of it becoming contaminated in the future.

Click HERE to read more of PennState’s study.

How do I get one?

Your local professional plumber can install your sanitary well cap. The water should be tested if debris is found under the standard well cap. After the water is tested, the well must be chlorinated and disinfected before the new cap can be installed. If you’d like more information, please give us a call: 860-228-1036. You can call the same number to schedule your installation.


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