What to Expect From a Plumber: Leaking Water Heater

How does that thing work?

If you aren’t familiar with the equipment in your home, you’re in good company. Water heater, boiler, furnace, well tank – they all just sit in your basement, quietly doing their thing. That is, until they don’t. Water around the water heater or coming out from the valve means you need a plumbing repair ASAP. You don’t have to know how a water heater works, but you do need to know who to call when it starts to leak. Your local Marlborough CT plumber explains what to expect when a plumber comes to your home.


Why is my water heater leaking?

Your car gets an oil change every three months, you get your teeth cleaned twice a year, and you file your taxes each year. Life requires regular maintenance if you want it to run smoothly.

A water heater needs to be on a maintenance cycle as well. Its made to last about 10-12 with the proper care. Since Marlborough CT tends to have harsh water, we recommend having it checked at least every two years. Your local Rapid Service plumber will check and/or replace the anode rod. He will also check the shut-off and relief valves. The heater may need to flushed out, if you have a lot of sediment in your water.

A water heater will leak due to lack of maintenance or due to old age. Schedule regular inspections to avoid an emergency plumbing repair and bill.

What should I do?

The first thing you should do is find the shut-off valve on the water heater. Because it’s leaking, the sensor will keep trying to re-fill it, and it will continue flooding your home. While using the shut-off valve won’t stop the water already in the tank from leaking, it will stop any more water from coming in. There are two styles of shut-off valves. This is what to look for:


What should I expect?

The second thing you should do is call your local Marlborough CT emergency plumber. When you call us, you get a person. You don’t get a voicemail or a “dial 1 for…” You’ll be asked for some basic information so the best plumbing technician can be dispatched to your home. He will show up during the time promised and diagnose the issue quickly. He’ll provide several options and written, upfront pricing for the repair. The options could range from replacing a valve to replacing the entire water heater. Whatever the case, he’ll have a truck stocked to get the job done. We understand how stressful unexpected emergencies are and how they mess up schedules. Our plumbing technicians do their best to disrupt your day as little as possible, without sacrificing the integrity of their repairs and service. After the repair or installation is complete, he’ll take care to clean up and not leave any garbage behind. From start to finish, we’re there every step. We can confidently say that “One Call Does It All.”


Your local Marlborough CT plumber

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