What’s Hiding in YOUR Electrical Panel?

Last week, we gave you a checklist to get your home ready for Spring. This week, we want to remind you to look your electrical system as well. While plumbing problems can be a nuisance, electrical issues can be a fire hazard. We want you to have a safe Spring season.

Check your electrical panel

Most Marlborough homes have an electrical panel. You may call it the breaker box or circuit panel. Older homes may still have a fuse box. It can be found in the basement of your home or sometimes in a bedroom or closet if your home doesn’t have a basement.

Take a moment to open the cover door and take a look. Check for:

  • Signs of water. This includes rust, corrosion or water itself.
  • Frayed wires. If any of the connections are frayed or damaged, they need electrical repair from a licensed professional.
  • Signs of rodents. This includes droppings, nesting or dead animals. Mice and squirrels LOVE nesting in warm electric systems over the winter. They create an expensive, DANGEROUS mess. Take a look at what we found in this Marlborough home. The fuse system is extremely outdated AND a family of squirrels nested over the winter. We completed an electrical service upgrade to remove this fire hazard.


Your local Marlborough CT electrician

Rapid Service LLC can check for any electrical dangers winter may have created. Spring is also a great time for any outdoor upgrades. Motion spotlights and new porch lights are always “hot” items we install.

To schedule your spring electrical check, please call 860-228-1036. You can jot down a list of any concerns and go over them with a PROFESSIONAL electrician. Our service calls always include enough time to answer any questions, as well as complete explanations of your options. We respect that your home is your biggest investment. We want you to be 100% confident that you’re in good hands!

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