Why Water Heater Maintenance is Important

A water heater is usually tucked down in the basement or in a utility room. This makes it “out of sight, out of mind.” It becomes all you can think about, however, once it begins to leak or if it bursts.

Water heater 101

You may have a gas, oil or electric water heater. It may hold 30, 40 or even 50-gallons. It’s a stand-alone cylinder-shaped piece of equipment that heats the water for your showers, baths, and dish washing.  If you have a boiler, you may also have another tank sitting next to it. That’s called an ‘indirect’ water heater. Most units have a lifespan of about 7-10 years.

No matter what type of water heater you have, it’s very, VERY important to schedule REGULAR maintenance for it.

Why maintenance is so important

Whether you well or city water, water has minerals that natural exist in it. Over time, these minerals become corrosive. City water is treated, and that can make for even more corrosive water quality. Below is a picture that shows what the bottom of a water heater looks like once it starts to corrode. Eventually, the bottom will develop weak spots and water will begin to leak out. The worst scenario is for it to just let go completely one day and burst. All of the corroded metal also floats around inside the tank and is what comes out of your faucets. You can see what it looks like in our YouTube video.


Leaking water heater & its replacement in Coventry CT

Contact your local plumber

Your water heater should be serviced at least every two years. This will help keep the manufacturer’s warranty protected. It will also keep your home protected and prevent an unexpected expense. If you smell eggs, or notice green or red rust on your plumbing fixtures, you should schedule service. One of our previous blog entries will explain what to expect during a water heater inspection. Rapid Service can be reached by calling 860-228-1036.

Rapid Service is available for 24/7 emergency plumbing services. We offer preventative and routine plumbing services as well. We service all towns east of the CT river including: Some of the towns we cover are: Columbia, Willimantic, Andover, Coventry, Bolton, Vernon, Ellington, Willington, Tolland, Mansfield, Willlimantic, Ashford, Chaplin, Windham, Lebanon, Colchester, Hebron, Marlborough, Glastonbury, Manchester, Portland, Middletown, East Hampton, Bozrah, Norwich, Franklin, Sprague, Lisbon, Scotland, Canterbury, Guilford, Madison, Haddam, Chester, Deep River, Essex, Westbrook, Old Saybrook, East Lyme, Waterford, New London, Montville, Groton, Ledyard, Stonington, & North Stonington.