Why You Need A Professional Electrician

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rewiring an old house is something that you must give careful consideration to, as this can be extremely costly. Many people attempt the expensive mistake of trying to do a botch job, thinking they can easily get away with only fixing part of the problem and not rewiring the whole house. But any kind of electrical work needs to be done by a professional Electrician.

Electricity Is Not DIY

There is far more to changing a fuse board and it is not something that should be tackled without a considerable amount of expertise, knowledge and experience.

So as you don’t make the same mistakes I did, what I’d like to do is point out some considerations when looking at updating the electrics of an old house.


Is the wiring black or grey? If it’s black then the electrics need checking as this means the cabling is old! New cabling is grey and heavily insulated in grey PVC, so get it checked.

Plug sockets

If your plug sockets are round and you have some round pin plug holes, then this is a real sign that your electrics is old. When these types of circuits were installed many years ago, there wasn’t the heavy demand on electricity like there is in the modern day home today.

Old circuit boards simply can’t cope with the demand of the modern day home. Get it checked.

Fuse Boards

If your fuse box looks old and dated and it uses copper wiring then get it checked straight away. Again, old fuse boxes simply can’t cope and will be prone to blowing all the time.

What you need is a professional electrician who can check your electrics, rewire your house properly making sure it has all the necessary safety certificates which can be extremely useful when selling your home. be sure to call your local electrical contractor, as they’ll be best equipped to handle your unique situation best..

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