Your Columbia CT Plumber Celebrates Fix a Leak Week

This week is the EPA‘s ninth annual Fix a Leak Week. Water is such a valuable resource. A leak can cost you a lot of money if you’re on a city system. We’ve been having drought conditions more frequently in Columbia CT. So, if you have a leak, you can run your well dry and burn out your well pump. We have some tips to help you avoid an unexpected huge utility or plumbing bill.

How to find a leak

  • Check your utility bill. Is your bill a lot higher than the last bill?
  • Read your water meter. When you’re not using the water, write down the reading. Avoid using water for two hours. Check the meter again. If it’s not the same, you may have a leak.
  • Do the toilet test. Put a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. Wait ten minutes. Look into your toilet bowl. See color? You may have a leak. Call your local Columbia CT plumber to schedule a repair.
  • Listen to your well pump. Do you hear it turning on more frequently?
  • Check your faucets – ALL of them. Look at all the fixtures in your home AND the outside spigot.


Next steps

Once you’ve found the leak, now it’s time to fix it. If the bathroom or kitchen faucet was to blame, check the washers and gaskets. They wear out over time or because of harsh water. If the whole faucet is old and corroded, replace it with a WaterSense labeled fixture.

A toilet leak can sometimes be caused by a bad flapper. It’s made out of rubber and will rot over time. You can find them at any hardware store and it’s usually pretty easy to replace yourself.

Sometimes leaks are harder to find. For example, one of our Lebanon CT customers kept running out of water in the middle of winter. We checked all the plumbing and heating fixtures in the home. Everything checked out okay. Our plumber technician headed outside to begin troubleshooting at the well pump. He had to remove a lot of fall foliage from the area. Underneath, he found what almost looked like a mini fountain! The well line itself had a leak and all the water was seeping into the ground, instead of going into the house. Check out the YouTube video HERE. After we repaired the broken well line, water was restored.

Your local Columbia CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC will professionally detect and repair plumbing leaks, saving you time and money. If you’ve tackled DIY projects with ease but don’t feel comfortable with the bigger projects, give us a call. Our professional plumber will help you pick the toilet, showerhead, or faucet that fits your home’s style and budget. We love Kohler and Toto toilets. Delta and Symmons make great faucets with WaterSense options. To schedule prompt service, please call our office: 860-228-1036.