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Water Filtration Treatment Systems In Columbia, CT

water filtration treatment systems columbia ctRapid Service LLC is your local Columbia CT water treatment specialist. If you've had a lot of pinhole leaks repaired, that's a sign that you need your water treated. Other signs that you should have your water tests are: premature water heater or boiler leaks and failures, dry skin and hair, film or coating on your dishes, rotten egg or chlorine smell, sand or sediment and/or concerns about bacteria. These can indicate different issues in your water. Your water may be too acidic, hard, or contaminated…

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Plumbing Fixture Installations In Hebron, CT

plumbing fixture installations hebron ctHard water can be brutal on your plumbing fixtures. The minerals will corrode and eat away at the metals of your faucets, shower heads, and toilet parts. A shiny chrome finish will flake away and turn green. NOT the look our Hebron CT homeowner was going for! Even worse, a faucet can start to drip and a toilet can begin to leak. She knew she could count on us here at Rapid Service LLC to take care of leaky plumbing fixtures. We replaced the faucet and the sink in the bathroom…

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Well Pump Conversion in Storrs CT

Well Pump Conversion in Storrs CTMany of the homes in Storrs CT have a jet pump for the well system. This type of pump is outdated and inefficient. A jet pump is found in a basement or crawlspace of a home. It can also be found in a pump house on the property. Jet pumps are used in shallow wells. If water is within 25 feet of the ground's surface, it's considered a "shallow well." There are two types of jet pumps: single-pipe and two-pipe. Both types suck the water out of the well to the pump, so water can be delivered to your home. The water pressure is usually low and the pump can be loud. A well system upgrade to a submersible well pump should be considered. We did a well pump conversion for a Storrs CT homeowner. Now the pump is located inside a drilled well. A well can range from 60-400 feet deep…

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Water Heater Replacement in Coventry, CT

water heater replacement in coventry ctA Coventry CT homeowner called us because her hot water heater was leaking. Because a leaking water heater can burst at any moment, a plumber technician was scheduled for the same day. The electric heater was completely rusted out on the bottom. To avoid further water damage in the home, our technician replaced it during the service call. It's extremely important to have your water heater serviced every 3-4 years. It will preserve the warranty on your heater, which can save you money if it fails prematurely. If you need to call a Coventry CT plumber for service, it's helpful to know if you have a gas, oil, or electric unit. It's also helpful to know the age of the equipment. The typical lifespan of a water heater is 8-10 years, depending on how often it's serviced and the quality of your water…

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Well Pump Replacement in Bolton, CT

well pump replacement in bolton ctMany Bolton CT homes have a well system. When a homeowner calls us in a panic because there's no water, a dead well pump is usually to blame. There had been a storm the day before and a possible lightning strike. A well pump that's been struck by lightning may not be affected until several days later. The Bolton homeowner has a submersible well system. That means that the well pump is located several hundred feet below ground. There are several troubleshooting steps a plumber technician will take before pulling the pump…

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Leaky well tank replacement in Columbia CT

Leaky well tank replacement in Columbia CTWe received a phone call on a Saturday from one of our Columbia CT homeowners. He requested plumbing service because he found a leak near his well tank. Our on-call plumber technician arrived at the home on the same day. He quickly diagnosed the problem. The well tank was very old and starting to rust. In addition, the water filter above it was leaking. After providing several repair options to our customer, he chose one that best met his needs and budget. The old well tank was cut out and we disposed of it. The old water filter was also cut out and disposed of. A new well tank and sediment filter were installed with all new piping in a location that was a better fit for the equipment.

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Leaky Toilet Repair in Columbia CT

Leaky Toilet Repair in Columbia CTA Columbia CT homeowner called Rapid Service LLC because he found a leak in his basement. At first, he thought his well tank was leaking. Actually, it was caused by a leaking toilet above. When our plumber technician pulled the toilet to make the repair, he found that it had been leaking for a long time. The floor and sub floor were rotted. The Rapid Service carpentry team was brought in to remove all the rotted flooring, make the sub floor repair, and install a brand new bathroom floor. Our plumber technician coordinated to make sure the new flange was set correctly. A new TOTO USA toilet was installed in place of the old, leaking one. The plumbing and carpentry team removed all of the old equipment and materials. They took great care to clean up and make sure the work space was spotless!

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