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Boiler Replacement in Mansfield CT

Boiler Replacement in Mansfield CTA Mansfield CT homeowner gave us a call because he had no heat. He was nervous because he saw smoke marks on the boiler. We advised him to turn the unit off and emergency heating service was scheduled. A Rapid Service plumbing technician quickly determined that the heating unit could not be repaired. The gas boiler had become a safety hazard. After discussing different boiler replacement options, the homeowner decided to go with a Crown heating unit. He also decided to replace the water heater at the same time. A Rapid Service plumber returned within the same week, and restored heat and hot water by the end of the week. Our customer had very little disruption to his schedule, and his home was left clean. He'd never know that we had been there, except he had heat and hot water again!

Since we're heading into another Mansfield CT winter, now's a good time to have your boiler inspected. Have your oil company service the burner, or the gas company service the pilot light. Give your local Mansfield CT plumber and heating contractor a call to have any leaks repaired or corroded valves replaced. It's hard to get repair trucks on the road during winter storms. Don't get caught without heat during those blizzards!

Not sure if you have a boiler or a furnace? Hint: A "boiler" heats WATER to circulate and warm your home. A "furnace" heats AIR" to circulate and warm your home. If you have to call for a Mansfield CT emergency heating repair, this will help our office staff help you faster.

If you are looking for professional boiler replacement company then please call 860-228-1036 or complete our online request form.