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Leaky well tank replacement in Columbia CT

Leaky well tank replacement in Columbia CTWe received a phone call on a Saturday from one of our Columbia CT homeowners. He requested plumbing service because he found a leak near his well tank. Our on-call plumber technician arrived at the home on the same day. He quickly diagnosed the problem. The well tank was very old and starting to rust. In addition, the water filter above it was leaking. After providing several repair options to our customer, he chose one that best met his needs and budget. The old well tank was cut out and we disposed of it. The old water filter was also cut out and disposed of. A new well tank and sediment filter were installed with all new piping in a location that was a better fit for the equipment. With proper maintenance, the new plumbing should last another 20-30 years. The water filtration system will prolong the life of all the faucets in the home. Catching the well tank leak before it failed prevented a plumbing emergency. A bad well tank will leave you witho ut water and can burn our your well pump. Rapid Service LLC provides emergency plumbing service but always urges homeowners to be proactive.

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